The company was founded in the early 90s by a passion for the industrial sector and the idea to invest in companies with high production and competitive potential.
The company has over 150 employees, two manufacturing sites in Italy (PUBLICENTER and CIM) with a total surface area of over 15,000 square meters and a direct branch in the USA.



The company operates with medium and long-term objectives, favoring stability and harmony inside and outside the company, through the professional growth of employees and the enhancement of relationships with its customers and partners.



Based on few key points, placing people at first:

we are close to our customers in order to become partners in planning and reaching their goals, establishing lasting relationships based on trust with them;
• our goal is to create integrated, modular and flexible solutions for our customers; we work with and for them, to innovate and grow together, both by improving already established solutions, by undertaking new paths or by acquiring new technologies.


MF Group S.r.l.
Località Braine, 54/A
Frazione Rioveggio
40036 Monzuno (BO)
T. +39 051 6776 511

R.E.A. 436879
C.F./P.I./R.I. BO IT 0257 409 0276
C.S. Euro 10.740.000,00 i.v.